The outdoors, indoors

Raw innovative solutions that result in breathtaking walls

What’s Wood for Walls all about?

Wood for Walls is a young innovative company with a passion for wood.

Quality, creativity and innovation are key factors in the way we think and perform. During our great journey, we enjoy loads support from our beloved golden retriever Woody.


We’re not a bunch of tree huggers but hey, let’s not ruin it for our lovely little bastards. We already see enough big ones in our industry. Reclaiming raw materials given by nature is what we do.


Wood has always been integrated into our spaces. From the ancient times to the bitcoin era. Its versatility and natural character make it perfect to decorate your residential, commercial and professional space.


Our panels are handmade by local craftsmen all over the planet. All of the panels are different and create a more natural vibe once integrated in your interior.

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